Sunday, 6 July 2014

Well, that went as planned didn't it? No.

Hi there,

First of all, apologies.

I was intending to post more content up and regularly but I have no idea what happened..well, that's a lie. Its almost been two years since my last post and the only excuse I have is that I needed to feed myself. I'm still a NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) five days a week, but in the least, I won't starve anymore..I hope. But I digress, rant and complain. Forgive me.

I was hoping to craft a novel from scratch with the idea I had, but it all went down with a crash.

Talk about epic fail.

But to be honest, I should have seen it coming.

There was no plan, no research, no notes - just the synopsis and idea I had for a story. Right now, you're probably thinking, "Derr...". Don't get me wrong, an 'idea' is all one needs to go off and write, but for a full length novel with any quality (for me at least) should have some kind of structure or backbone to guide my hand and my mind. I guess I needed some questions answered, such as where I wanted the story to go; what will happen in the chapters; when or will there be conflict, character development, resolution or crisis; were there any themes or ideas I want to touch on; setting; historical ties...that kind of thing.

Instead, I pretty much steam rolled into it on a whim, paving the road as I went. Tend to do that sometimes...As a result, I only half finish things, leave them hanging or put them aside, as all my initial motivations have been exhausted and writer's block sets in. 

In other words, I ran out of juice. Quick smart too. However, it's not all bad. I'm not trying to justify it to myself or anything, but..but...some pretty nice ideas have come from this as well. Yes, they need a little more polishing. Huh! Who am I kidding. Lots and lots of polishing, but they are like uncut gems, I just know it! xP 


I suppose how people write will differ from person to person, as would their writing style, where they draw their energy from and so on. Finding out what motivates YOU to write is quite important. I say this because I believe that if you know your weaknesses and your strengths a bit better, you will then be able to use some strategies to manage stress levels, maintain your momentum once you've hit your sweet spot or how to pick yourself up when you've fallen into a slump. 

For me, I know myself to be someone who knows what I should be doing and how I should do it, but what I lack is the action part. Procrastination? Yes, I do that a lot too, and that's just a polite way to say that I'm lazy. That's what I've learned about myself. Now comes that stage of devising strategies that will un-dig me from the hole I've put myself in. 

If you hear from me again'll know I've been successful. xD

Agree or disagree with what I'm saying? Feel free to leave a comment!

  - eenh

Friday, 2 November 2012

Novel in a month challenge!

Guess what?! I am participating in the 2012 NaNoWriMo for the very first time this year!

November is the National Novel Writing Month so the aim is to turn out a manuscript of 50 000 words or more by the end of the month. Want to know more? Go here:

Giving this challenge a go and will be pushing myself to complete a first draft of a novel by the month's end. Help me get through this challenge by giving me your support and help keep me motivated! Any thing will do! Some encouraging words or a pat on the back once in a while is fine too!

Below is a synopsis of the novel I'll be writing from scratch. Hope you like it! If you want, tell me what you think! Any feedback would be wonderful!

Title: Born From The Ashes: Disgraced


The Ashes is the name given to the slums where the nobility and merchant classes have Fallen and now must reside, as decreed by the High King. Out of favour and out of time, the Forlael family gathered all of what was left of their wealth and courage to escape their fate. Disgraced, the once renowned merchant family were being forced to take a life of slavery or live as the lowliest commoner and they want no part of it. A betrayal disrupts their plans of escape, sending the majority to their deaths or imprisonment. Few who survived were driven into the slums where they live with other Disgraced families. The Forlael, rendered powerless, grit their teeth and quietly bide their time for the opportunity to exact revenge on their betrayers. While they hid in the shadows, strange events in the citadel gave cause for them to question the truth of their demise. 

Further comments:
I came up with this title intended for another story when I was studying creative writing for the short time that I had. I workshopped it to use in a short story in class but decided it required the longer setting of a novel. I have a feeling this story will be a Trilogy and 'Disgraced' shall be the first installment and sets the scene for the rest. I'll be experimenting a bit with this, so I hope it all works out in the end. :)

Spoilers Alert!
I may post little excerpts of 'Disgraced' up later, if everything goes well, so keep a look out! xD

Anyways, back to work and write, write, write!!

- eenh


Welcome to my first post for this blog!

I will be dedicating this particular blog to all things Fantasy! Join me on my quest to becoming an emerging writer, continue with my creative writing interests and further develop my writing style.

Faith eenh Fantasy will be where I'll be expressing my own interpretations of the genre so I hope the experts out there don't criticise me too much for this. Kidding! Any feedback is welcome and encouraged. All to better improve and create good writing and art, I say!

If things go well, I may also post up some of my writing pieces, ideas or drafts and share them here with those of you who wouldn't mind reading my clumsy, uncultured attempts at writing fantasy. Heh, well, I haven't been professional coached in the art of writing, that's what I mean. Not for very long anyways. xP

I also enjoy beading and jewellery making and if by chance I come up with anything fantasy worthy, I'll be sure to post up pictures here too. Keep a look out!

If you like, follow my other more miscellaneous blog here:

So, that's all for now and thank you for reading thus far. Please watch this space for updates coming soon!

Thanks for putting your faith in fantasy!

- eenh